Up close and detailed image of JerseyGenius Ceiling Attachment, Allows you to hang Jersey's from the ceiling
Up close and detailed image of the original patented JerseyGenius being displayed with the Ceiling Attachment hung by a string from the ceiling
Las Vegas Knights Hockey Jersey being displayed hanging from the ceiling using two jerseygenius and on ceiling attachment
Animated Gif of JerseyGenius and Ceiling attachment hanging a hockey jersey from the ceiling
Overhead view showing examples of how the ceiling attachment can be used to display two jerseys or a single jersey to show more form
Up close shot of ceiling attachment on white background - displays laser etched jerseygenius logo

JerseyGenius Ceiling Attachment | Hang Jersey's from the Ceiling

Regular price $9.99

Now you don't have to choose one side of your jersey to display!  With the JerseyGenius Ceiling Attachment now you can display your favorite jersey from the ceiling!  Using the attachment and two JerseyGenius' easily hang your Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball or other jersey from the ceiling.  The JerseyGenius Ceiling Attachment connects two JerseyGenius hangers giving your jersey a perfect profile and thickness that frames and other hangers cannot do!  The two arms fit perfectly under the hanging bar on a JerseyGenius Hanger and provides an easy attachment to hang the display from the ceiling.  Looks great in man-caves, bars, restaurants and offices.  Now you can see both sides of your jersey!

NOTE:  This is the attachment only.  Please order two (2) JerseyGenius Hangers and the attachment to hang from ceiling properly.