JerseyGenius® is the perfect alternative to an expensive jersey display case.


Sports Jerseys - Football Jersey, Basketball Jersey, Baseball Jersey and Hockey Jersey Display

JerseyGenius® is the Jersey Display Case alternative. A football jersey display case, baseball jersey display case or hockey jersey display case isn't just something a sports fan wants, it's something they need! Your jersey deserves a JerseyGenius® jersey hanger! 

The JerseyGenius® hanger is the perfect alternative to an expensive jersey display case. Our affordable way to mount your football, baseball, basketball or hockey sports jersey doesn't require any tools or nails, just an easy to use invisible hook. Buy a JerseyGenius® jersey hanger instead of a display case and use the money you save to buy your next favorite team's jersey.

In the cult of fandom, sports jerseys are the thread that binds. They serve a practical use, to be certain.  An NBA game of shirts v. skins would barely get off the ground. NFL action without football jerseys would consist of a scrum of men wearing unadorned shoulder pads.  Not only is this aesthetically displeasing, it is needlessly confusing.  Women and men in competition need to know who is with them and who isn't, and this must be discerned at a moment's notice. Within the realm of athletics like football, sports jerseys serve this purpose dutifully.

Represent Your Team With the Jersey Display Case Alternative 

Sports jerseys are more than a brutalist exercise in sartorial efficiency, and everyone associated with team sports know it. From the moment fans declare ourselves for one club or another, we are committing ourselves to an endless carousel of players and personnel for whom we will support into the indefinite future.  In a young man's game, the heroes of today so easily become whispers from fan to fan, and the villains of yesteryear may just as soon join the supporting cast of those he once tormented.  

Very little can be counted on as remaining the same throughout the years, but the jersey on the field is generally one of those glorious exceptions fans can rely on. The kelly green of a Boston Celtics jersey, the white winged tire on a red Detroit Red Wings sweater, the immaculately plain crimson jersey donned by Alabama Crimson Tide football: these sports jerseys remain as a banner under which all fans may gather. It is thus that a jersey transcends organization and becomes the rightful signal of allegiance that all fans wish - nay, need - in their lives.

Collecting Jerseys and Displaying them With Team Pride

Sports jerseys do, of course, change. Teams will edit logos, change colors, and constantly alter to make jerseys more technically competent and competitive.  A true fan cannot subsist on one meager jersey with the constant minor revisions being made to their official link to the team. Perpetual vigilance as to jersey status is a must in order for a true fan to remain thoroughly connected with the club they support.

Ultimately, it is the jersey that stays the seem. Sports jerseys are the one visual link between fans and their team that never dissipates, never fades from view.  We cannot all be world-class athletes, but we can all display our favorite Football Jersey, Baseball Jersey, Hockey Jersey or Basketball jersey with pride in a sports jersey display case alternative.

JerseyGenius users love it!

I bought the jersey hangar to hang a Cardinal baseball jersey in our Cardinal decorated basement. I like it much better than a glass enclosed display because it just adds some dimension to the display.


Excellent product; great if you can't afford a $300 display case


Bought 5, PERFECT. 1/3 cost of any display case I found. Will buy more soon!!!


This is a great way to display jerseys without all the hassle of a case taking up space on your wall.