Testimonials About JerseyGenius® (Formerly Known As ShirtWhiz®) Jersey Display Hangers

"I love this product & this company. They went out of their way, above and beyond, to help me. We have a small room to display our jerseys so this product worked perfect for us. They are very easy to assemble and hang on the wall."  By Tammy H. 


"My 2014 game used Sochi Olympic hockey jersey looks beautiful on the wall thanks to ShirtWhiz.  ShirtWhiz wins Gold!" By Michelle S


"Loved the product the moment I saw it! Replaced the 6 jerseys hanging on my office wall on regular hangers with the ShirtWhiz...everyone commented on them like it was the first time they had seen themHIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ByBradley R


"We bought one a month ago to see if we liked it.  We liked it so much we bought 6 more for ourselves & for gifts It's a great product for the price and does a great job displaying jerseys of all kinds."  By Leah S


" I liked this display solution so much I replaced my 3D framed football jersey.  Simple, can accomodate different kind of shirts and is break resistant.  This is an affordable & surprisingly good solution." By teamalexis


"I bought the jersey hangar to hang a Cardinal baseball jersey in our Cardinal decorated basement. I like it much better than a glass enclosed display because it just adds some dimension to the display." By Cardinals


"Loved it. Most affordable and best looking way of displaying jerseys. We used them on our hockey jerseys and they look amazing. " By Ashley P.


"Ordered 9 ShirtWhiz and they work great for my hockey jerseys in my man cave/bar. Might be ordering more if the wife gives me more space." By Carl M


"This product really displays a jersey nicely on the wall- no bunching or floppy sleevesTruly amazing!" By Annmarie B. 


"This is my second hanger and I love them...A+A+A+ product!"  By dealofthedaydale


"Excellent product; great if you can't afford a $300 display case" By pyrofighter89


"Looks great on the wallvery 3D. Got it to hang an autographed baseball jersey in my office and it really shows it off nicely. Very easy to put together and hang."  By Ryan K M


"The most awesome thing to hang a jersey on the wall short of framing it.  Fantastic display and very easy to use!" By Ralph C


" I wanted to display my jerseys but cost of framing wasn't worth it since they aren't signed.I have two different style jerseys & was able to adjust ShirtWhiz to fit bothLike how I can display jerseys during the off season & take them off the ShirtWhiz to wear to games during the season. I was skeptical at first but the jersey stays flush to the wall and looks great." By Paul

  "This is a great way to display jerseys without all the hassle of a case taking up space on your wall."  By Wahoo


 "Bought one of these for my dad and he hung it in his bar room with his favorite jersey. Easy to use and looks great on the wall. The plastic is nice too, not cheap looking. Would recommend." By bsec004


 "There's nothing else out there like it. I've tried a million different ways to display my jerseys in the past, but none of them were as presentable and affordable as this. I'm so glad someone finally came out with this product, it's definitely worth the thirty dollars." By Joebob1


 "Bought 5, PERFECT. 1/3 cost of any display case I found. Will buy more soon!!!" By spharro2012 


"I have an authentic NFL jersey meant to fit around shoulder pads and all. This thing fits perfectly.  I've used all the connectors and the jersey hangs from neck to the edges of sleeves, so it is fully supported and not hanging funny.  Works Well!"  By tallhapa


"Such a great product! I was contemplating purchasing a mannequin to display my products for customers but scrapped that idea after finding ShirtWhiz. Being a home based business my space is limited and this product saved me money and space and provides so much flexibility to display my t-shirts and jerseys. Awesome!" By Old P


"I  bought 2 for my signed jersey and a huge (size 58G) game used Arturs Irbe goalie jersey.  I had them hanging on another company's product and now they are on ShirtWhiz. ShirtWhiz is easier to hang and is able to display the jerseys with multiple looks- also easy to take down to show it off.  I plan on getting a couple more for my other jerseys down the road." By Lrbe3201


 "Better than spending $200 on a frame!" By Gerco 


"I just received several ShirtWhiz as a gift and they look great in my man cave.  I plan on mounting several more gamers in the near future with ShirtWhiz."  By erics24 


"Excellent product! Exactly what I needed to allow for flexibility and easy display of my jerseys. Item arrived fast and safely- and included some tips for set up for different styles. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for cost effective way to show off their collection" By Jeffrey L


  "Awesome, wish I had money to buy more :)" By sjf71301


"Went above our expectations- works great for our jersey display at less cost than framing them.  We will definately be getting more of these in the future!" By Joel M.


"Bought a ShirtWhiz & it is flat out incredible. I had a ton of jerseys in my closet and never had anything to do with them. Now I have a jersey hanging in my basement and plan to order several more to get the rest of my collection up there. It is very easy to use and just takes a few snaps and your jersey is on the wall. Really great idea and product."  By SkyMall03


"Was looking to make man town a little better and I could not afford expensive frames for my jerseys. These did the trick."By jarruda


"This was a nice inexpensive way to hang my son's large jersey in his bedroom. We had tried a large frame but the wire in the back broke and it came crashing to the floor. This is much safer and you can see the whole jersey (unlike the frame). Very versatile also for the type of jersey you may have." By lscott


" I had a game worn autographed hockey jersey that I wanted to hang so bought ShirtWhiz to try. I was concerned that the weight of the jersey would be too much but it is not.  Very pleased with this product."  By Robert EM


"If you want to display your jersey but don't want to spend $200 on framing this is a great choice." By scottb


"Bought these for my husband and he LOVES THEM! He immediately hung his hockey jerseys which included adult and kid sizes, so the fact that they are adjustable is great!" By Addy1


"I first saw this product on my Delta flight from Munich to Atlanta, and I thought this would look great in my new man-cave. So after pondering it a little I decided to go ahead and purchase. Great product, easy to assemble and once up on the wall it looked great."By dwing


"I really love how easy it is to set up and get up on the wall. Great product, will be ordering more" By Patrick T


"I used several  ShirtWhiz to display sports jerseys at a sports themed event. It worked great & really molds to the shape of the jerseys so they can be properly displayed. Now my son uses them in his bedroom to display his own sports jerseys! We love ShirtWhiz and the company was extremely efficient in rushing the orders to me.  You will not be disappointed with this product!" By Annette S


"The product is great! Arms are adjustable so you can use with any kind of jersey. Provides a clean, professionalappearance. Perfect for your man cave or sports room!" By Charles P.


"Excellent item to hang jerseys for a special occassion. This item allows me to easily decorate for sports events being held within the house that are not displayed throughout the year. Easy to use and provides a variety of display options" By Andrew T


 "Came in possession of a jersey actually worn by Peyton Manning. The ShirtWhiz is a great inexpensive way to display it. Easy to use. Other display options were going to be $200-$300!" By Kathy W.


"Delivery was so fast and my Polamalu jersey looks great! Go Steelers!" By tclaytor739


Easy to put up, and fits a large signed Minnesota Wild game jersey Looks great on the wall and works as promised. Recommended!" By NightowlGirl


" I love your invention/product.  I have many jerseys and plenty of friends like me who love to hang their jerseys! Great!" Byiverson3


"Big jersey collector- this product is fantastic.  Highly recommended."  By Johnnymay23sportscards


" I did my son's room with his soccer shirts, looks awesome. Very simple to use!" By Susan F.


"This is perfect for displaying clothing. We use it to display a Japanese kimono robe and it supports the weight perfectly"By christina


"Works in my man cave- just what I needed to hang up my old college jerseys" By lcslow


"Great idea for the intended use, really sharpened up my sports room!" By gtnfl


"I picked up a ShirtWhiz at the National Sports Collectibles Show hoping to find an affordable solution as opposed toexpensive jersey cases & I couldn't be happier! Purchased 3 more ShirtWhiz on line" By Chris W


"Great way to show off your jersey collection. Will be buying more soon" By Reginald F


"These hangers do exactly what they are supposed to do and look terrrific on the wall!  I will definitely be getting more in the future" By John M.


"Easy assembly & hanging was quick and easy as well, worked great on my basketball and hockey jerseys. Getting another one for a football jersey!" By NLurch


 " ShirtWhiz is awesome, thanks all the way from Norway! I had no problem assembling them and the jerseys lookawesome when you hang them up. I recommend them!" By Benjamin B


"I did my son's room with some of his soccer shirts, looks awesomeVery simple to use." By Susan F


"Super easy to put together. Even was able to hang it on a simple thumbtack rather than a nail. Easy to fit to whatever size/style jersey- I used it for a large child size football jersey and it looks great on the wall!"  By Elizabeth S


"Awesome seller, very fast shipping.  Every sports fanatic should own one!" By marcdiesel69


"Allows you to display your jerseys perfectly and will save you a fortune in framing!"  By JSC2


"Perfect! Just what I was looking for. 5 Stars!" By Harry P.


"I gave 4 ShirtWhiz to my son for his birthday, he loves them!" By Patricia M.


"Liked it a lot & will order some more for my soccer jerseys." By Robert G


"A+++ cool, simple product & quick ship!" By hdepot91


"I love this, what a cool idea! It is holding my basketball jersey!  Looks great next to my Ball Claw!"  By gina


 "Needed something to 'retire' jerseys alike to those hanging in the rafters of my favorite team. My games room has 14 foot ceilings so these help take up some of that over height wall space."  By PMorrison


"Works great & looks great, easy to hang up and take down to display and wear jerseys. Fast shipping, highly recommend for displaying jerseys." By WHowell


"Easy to set up and even easier to hang on the wall- thanks!"  By AkimaR


"Great product I got 4 for my son to hang his jerseys and he loves them.  Great way to display, and if he wants to wear them they are easy to take down."  By Candace MT


"Perfect!  Easy to assemble and use Looks great on the wall."  By DaxS