Affordable Jersey Display

The JerseyGenius® Jersey Hanger isn't just your typical jersey hanger.  

For only $29.99 you get an affordable, attractive and easy solution for displaying your favorite jersey. For sports fans like us, our jerseys are some of our most prized articles of clothing.

Hang Your Jersey With the JerseyGenius® Display

While Closets and dressers are convenient places, they don't begin to do justice to our prized jerseys. Your jersey represents who you are and it deserves a spot on your wall next to your favorite work of art.  Sure keeping your sports jersey in the closet is convenient  But great design and high fashion was never based on convenience. 

Affordable and Simple Jersey

Getting jersey hangers for your favorite shirts and jerseys seems like a good idea, but it also sounds like a pain in the neck.  A Google search is going to show you a number of expensive options, many of which require a master carpenter and a free Sunday afternoon to assemble. You may just be left scratching your head trying to figure out an alternative to a generic jersey frame or jersey display case.