How to Easily Hang Your Jerseys on a Wall - TShirt and Jersey Display Ideas

 So- you have some jerseys sitting in your closet or in a drawer that you absolutely love.....they represent your favorite teams or players, or memories of teams you played on.  You look at them longingly, or take them out to wear occassionally...but mostly they sit hiding in your closet or drawer. 

JerseyGenius® Jersey Display IdeasSet your jerseys free, show them off as wall art and display your team pride. Get that thing up on your wall!.  Don't use a cheesy display case or try and hack it with a hanger.  Just use a JerseyGenius®.

Here's how to hang a jersey on the wall:

1.  Get yourself a JerseyGenius®!  It's adjustable and hangs on any wall.a

2.  Pop the pieces together in the unique shape and size of your jersey, just follow the simple directions. One JerseyGenius® shapes to fit ANY size and ANY style of jersey, it is amazing!

3. JerseyGenius® comes with a nail, so just nail it on your wall and hang it up.  Don't have a hammer? Just hit the nail with your shoe and your are DONE!  Or if you have a wall that you can't nail into, hang it with an adhesive hook like a Command Hook- JerseyGenius® is designed for this so that it hangs invisibly on the Command Hook and looks perfect.

Hang a jersey on the wall, and take it down to wear when you want or to change your display to a different jersey- get a JerseyGenius®!


JerseyGenius® in a billiards room               JerseyGenius® used to hang Raiders football jerseys