Jersey Display Case

Jersey Display Case: Too long have these cases been the norm for displaying treasured sports jerseys and collectible shirts. For decades, both fans and athletes have spent a fortune framing their prized threads which, once framed, go un-worn behind the thick glass of a display case. 

JerseyGenius®: The Affordable Jersey Display Case Alternative

JerseyGenius® is the 21st century solution for displaying a jersey, one that is more affordable, adjustable, and adaptable than a display case, yet equally as attractive. At $24.99, JerseyGenius® costs nearly 1/10 of what a Jersey Display Case does and offers consumers the ability to easily wear/change the jersey that they want to display. While some collectible jerseys are too valuable to risk wearing (A Derek Jeter game-worn Jersey can sell for up to $20,000!) we believe that Jerseys ought to be worn, never shackled by the permanence of a jersey display case. As such we have made JerseyGenius® as versatile and changeable as possible. 

No Fuss, 3D Jersey Display

As a jersey display, the JerseyGenius® ease of use, cost and look is unbeatable  JerseyGenius® hangs invisibly on either a nail or adhesive hook which makes it easy to take down and adjust when you want to change or wear the jersey you have displayed. In addition, JerseyGenius®’s patented pivot joint design allows you to mold JerseyGenius® to perfectly fit any size or style jersey, from youth to adult, hockey to basketball. We have yet to find a sports jersey that JerseyGenius® can’t hang! This versatility makes JerseyGenius® even more valuable, as it becomes a lifelong purchase that allows you to change your display to accord to whichever sport/team/player you are most fond of at any given moment.  

JerseyGenius® jersey display case

Decorate a Whole Room for the Price of a Jersey Display Case

Because JerseyGenius® is inexpensive, our customers can afford to decorate entire rooms with their favorite jerseys and shirts for the price of one measly display case. What’s more is that, compared to a cumbersome jersey display case, JerseyGenius® is ultra portable and can be hung on any surface. Headed to college? Bring your JerseyGenius® along for the ride as it can hang flush on your cinder block dorm room walls, unlike a display case which requires drilling for hanging. JerseyGenius® makes displaying jerseys and shirts easier, cheaper, and sleeker than ever before- but don’t take my word for it, read this review!

Serious Sports Jersey Collector gives JerseyGenius® two thumbs up!  Read the in-depth product review here: