T Shirt Display Ideas

    A JerseyGenius® T Shirt display hanger is the perfect alternative to a traditional T Shirt hanger, frame or case.  Whether you want your T Shirt display to show your sports team pride, your favorite player, or a great slogan associated with your favorite team JerseyGenius® is your T Shirt display hanger alternative.   

Forget expensive frames and ugly hangers! JerseyGenius® is a quick and easy T Shirt display alternative perfect for any T Shirt. Using JerseyGenius® to commemorate a team’s winning season or trip to the championship is a sentimental favorite.  Young athletes who are on baseball, soccer, football, hockey, lacrosse or basketball teams that make it to championships often receive a T Shirt with their name on it- hang it on a JerseyGenius® to turn the T Shirt into a great keepsake to display for years to come.  

Concert T Shirt are another group that’s great for display.  The T Shirt pictured below has amazing graphics and looks like art when using JerseyGenius® to display it on the wall.  Like sports T Shirt, concert T Shirts often commemorate a special event (like Bonnaroo and Woodstock) or show off your fan status to a particular group.  Comic book T Shirts also have great artwork as well and make excellent wall displays using JerseyGenius®.


Funny T Shirt and shirts with slogans are hugely popular and show off the inner you.  A T Shirt supporting a favorite cause shows what’s important to the wearer and can make a beautiful display on the wall while making a personal statement.  



So get your T Shirt out of the closet and up on the wall- instant wall art that doubles as damage-free storage!  Affordable, attractive, easy to put together, no tools needed to hang it...what more could you want? Order a JerseyGenius® T Shirt Display Hanger today, get those T Shirts on the wall and show your personality!