Jersey Frame or Jersey Display Case - Which is Better?

Why Bother With a Jersey Frame or Display Case?  Just get a JerseyGenius®!

Jersey Frame; jersey framing in a jersey display case is a tradition among sports fans.  In the past a jersey frame or display case has been one of the only alternatives for sports jersey fans and collectors who want to display their jerseys on the wall.  The problems with jersey frames are legendary:

    • A jersey frame is expensive- often well over $100 per frame

    • A jersey frame has to be hung on the wall with pretty serious tools and nails- which means it isn’t easy to do or possible to do on all walls 

    • A jersey frame entombs your jersey in glass- you can’t remove the jersey to admire or to wear 

    • One jersey frame equals one jersey display- you can’t change out jerseys once they are behind that wall of glass

    • Jersey frames constrain the way you display your jersey- often you will have to fold the sleeves or make other compromises to get your jersey to fit in the frame.

JerseyGenius® jersey frame

An Affordable, Sleek and Easy to Use Jersey Frame Alternative!

Why Choose JerseyGenius® over a Jersey Frame or Jersey Display Case?

Jersey Frames are Costly, bulky, hard to hang, permanent….jersey frames are no longer the way to go when you want to display your favorite jerseys- JerseyGenius® is the new way to get your jerseys up on the wall affordably, easily and attractively!

    • JerseyGenius® is affordable- at $24.99 each you can get several of them for the price of just ONE jersey frame. Or just buy one JerseyGenius® instead of a jersey frame and use the extra money you saved to buy more jerseys!!!!

    • JerseyGenius® hangs invisibly on any wall- you can use a nail if you want, but if you don’t want to use tools and have a wall that you can’t nail into, just use an adhesive hook.  They work perfectly!

    • With JerseyGenius®, you can easily remove and replace your jersey to wear or to change out to another one.  

  • One JerseyGenius® fits all size and shape jerseys- you don’t need to get more for different types, you can take one JerseyGenius® and bend it to fit your unique jersey.  From youth to adult sizes, and from football and hockey to basketball, you can configure your JerseyGenius® to display them all.
You can buy a JerseyGenius® jersey hanger today for a fraction of the cost of framing a jersey using a jersey frame or jersey display case.  Forget jersey framing and try a JerseyGenius® today.